Fix Bad Art

We vectorize images simply, cheaply, and quickly.

Our resident artists will convert your raster-design (bit-map) into a vector-scalable digital image within 24 hours, for a flat-rate of $12 per design*.

To begin, simply email us with your image at

We accept images in most formats (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .psd, .ppt, .doc, and many others).

In case you have a special need, or would like to get a quote for your design, please email us at

What is bad art?

Company logos that aren’t scalable without showing jagged edges. Images that have been re-sized or compressed.

Who is Fix Bad Art?

We are a passionate team of graphic designers, serious about fixing-bad-art for clients in the sign, printing, and advertising businesses. We have over 10 years of experience in the graphic design industry and have converted more than 12,000 images during this time. Additionally, we have designed more than 1,000 original logos. What can Fix Bad Art do for me?

Upon receipt of your design (via email), we quickly assess the effort, completion timeframe, and quality requirements, in addition to determining the appropriate skills needed to fix the artwork. To streamline this process, we have leveraged automation to expedite our turnaround times for our customers. Upon receipt of your payment, we will begin work on your order and return the completed artwork to you via email (our turnaround time for most orders is 12-24 hours).

How does Fix Bad Art recreate my images in vector form?

Our designers meticulously re-create, edit, and enhance your design to create a refined image — scalable for vinyl plotter-cutting (without any extra points), large-format digital printing, and many other applications.

Why should you choose Fix Bad Art for your next project?

We save you time, save you the hassle of painstaking art-creation, save you the cost of an in-house graphic designer, and most of all, save you the embarrassment of a poorly designed graphic or art.

* In some cases, due to design complexity/detail the flat-rate of $12 may not be applicable. In all such cases, before processing your order, we will promptly notify you about the timing and cost for completing your order.
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